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Anro Natural Floor Treatments use a variety of natural plant based oils and stains. We offer an alternative to the use of conventional chemical applications. We recommend and use Livos* oils, which are durable timber preserving oils based on cold pressed Linseed Oil (organically sourced), with lead free hardener.

Livos Australia offers you Natural, Safe and Eco friendly alternatives from conventional polyurethane, synthetic & chemical applications.
By using LIVOS products, you are making a healthy choice for your home, family, and your environment.
Livos Australia supplies a large range of plant based non-toxic products for various surfaces. The products are biologically degradable, sustainable and are harmless, even in direct contact with humans, animals and plants.

These oils are:

  • Low allergenic/allergen free
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • All ingredients fully declared
  • Safe for children & expectant mothers
  • Non toxic & plant based
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Easy to rejuvenate
  • Stringently tested to European Standards                                                Click here
  • Impregnates and protects
  • Plant based

The mild 'natural' smell that is associated with plant-based products will aid in creating an environment without toxic fumes. Moving out is not required whilst floor is being treated with Livos oils.

One of the solvents used in some of the oils are the isoaliphates. These once refined form a very pure form of hydrocarbons and cannot be absorbed by the human body. These solvents are also used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, after the drying process all solvent is evaporated and does not affect the indoor climate. Many of the synthetic finish continue to “off gas”, even after the smell has dissipated for quiet some time afterwards. (Solvent free oils are also available however are more difficult to apply)

Livos also has an extensive range of oils suitable for surfaces such as internal timber, furniture, concrete, decks, outdoor furniture, slate, plywood as well as paints and childrens creative range.

*Livos is a German product that has been on the European market for well over 35 years and on the Australian market for over 20 years. Anro has used it exclusively for over 10 years.It is well and truly used and tested World Wide.

Click here: to see Livos Australias Website


These natural resin, non-toxic, biodegradable, oil finishes provide a protective surface that is elastic, breathable and wood enhancing.

Healthier living environment and peace of mind

There is no need to move out while floor is being treated, as the plant-based oils contain no synthetic chemicals. Floors treated with the non-toxic plant based oils offer a much lower rate of sensitivity for young children and the allergy prone in your family.

Australia has one of the highest asthma and allergy rates in the world and Anro offer an alternative, a safe option eliminating the detrimental effects of toxic solvents in our home and environment.

Natural finish

The flooring oils used “impregnate” the wood, rather than creating a film on top of the flooring. This way, direct contact with the timber surface is retained. Oils will not “edge-bond” glue the boards together, which can create large gaps or cracks.

Enhance wood character

The non-toxic plant based oils create a subtle matt to satin finish. This enhances and intensifies the grain and color of the timber being used.

Concrete finishes

These penetrating oils may be applied to clean, porous concrete, new or old. Depending on absorbency priming is most often required. We can tint one of the Livos oils to achieve a different colour hoe to the slab or a transparent may be applied. Here as for timber surfaces, the surface may be spot repaired if or when necessary.

Exterior Decks

The exterior oils are again penetrating and contain natural pigments. These help protect against UV rays and the weather. Rejuvenation again is dependent of wear and tear however the coating will not peel or crack and therefore will not require re sanding. Simple clean the surface and apply a thin coat once surface is dry.

Easy maintenance

Minor scratches and scuffmarks are less easily seen however can be easily repaired. Floors oiled by Anro will last a lifetime with simple care.

Smells pleasant

Because there are no toxic fumes, there is no need to move out of your home when treating floors and furniture.


Anro can also supply the full range of Livos non-toxic plant-based oils, paints, cleaners and waxes to the DIY enthusiasts.


A major advantage of oiled floors is its longevity and easy maintenance.

Floors need not be re-sanded to repair or rejuvenate thus prolonging the life of the timber. Rubbing in a small amount of the original flooring oil will rejuvenate heavy traffic areas. Large furniture pieces do not need to be removed for this process. The cleaners we use and recommend also contain a special oil that will assist in maintaining the natural appearance and feel of the finished timber. A “care and maintenance’” sheet will be supplied and discussed on completion of each floor.

There is no substitute for good care.

For Care and Maintenance information click here                                


Livos paints are extremely porous and therefore very permeable to vapor. There is no mould build up and walls can “breathe”. More importantly, unlike the synthetic wall paints, the function of climate regulating capability is not interrupted.


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