Frequently Asked Questions

What is the finish like?

Depending on the type of timber, the oiled finish will give a matt to satin finish. Generally the denser/harder timbers give more of a satin patina.

How hard wearing is it?

The oil impregnates the timber and seals from within. There is no plastic coating on top of the timber to be worn off. Rejuvenation is easy if or when required. No sanding or moving out is required.

What about scratch marks?

Timber is a natural product and will scratch if mistreated. However, on a satin or matt finish the scratch marks are less easily visible than on a gloss finish. Oiled floors may be spot repaired if or when required.

How do I maintain the floor?

After the initial hardening/curing time, one may mop the floor with a neutral cleaner that we supply and recommend. This is a concentrate and very little is required and may be used on other surfaces such as tiles or lino.

We have added an extension and secret nailed the floor. Will this floor show gaps like in the old section?

No. Unlike the varnish system of polishing where the coating glues “edge bonds” the timber boards together, the oils allow the boards to move individually. That means that there will be fine even gaps between each board.

I am chemically sensitive and have not found a floor finish that I can tolerate.

In these cases we always do a test sample of timber that has been treated with the oil and leave it with the client to see if there are any negative reactions. All ingredients are plant based and even though there are no synthetic chemicals in the oils we use, we do realize that many react badly to some plant based ingredients.

To date, we have not had any negative reactions to the Livos products.

Is there an oil that is suitable for an exterior timber decking and outdoor furniture?

Yes. The fence and decking stain is an oil that again impregnates the timber and seals from within. There is no coating to crake, peel or blister in the sun. To rejuvenate, there is no sanding back required. Just reapply to a clean surface.

Is it suitable on cork?

Cork is sound insulating and when treated optimally with an oiled finish, becomes a foot warm, resilient and easy to care for floor covering.

Are these oils suitable for furniture?

Yes. If the furniture piece is already painted or stained, sanding back to bare timber is required. Oil cannot impregnate if the timber is already treated with another product. Oil is easily applied with a cloth or brush, left to saturate and excess removed.

How is it applied to concrete?

It is applied in a similar way as with timber. Use a roller or applicator and after the saturation time, wipe off any excess oil that has not penetrated. Coverage depends on the porosity of the concrete surface and how fine it has been sanded.

Is there clear oil for external use?

There is no “plant based” natural oil in a clear as it breaks down too quickly necessitating rejuvenation too often. The Livos oils used by Anro contain natural pigments to penetrate into the timber surface and will not crack or peel. The pigments help with the UV and weather protection.